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Our working culture at VEL Micro Systems is based on our simple philosophy that all of our employees are unique individuals with their own skills, passions, and aspirations. We give them the space, flexibility, opportunities, and resources to allow them to use and demonstrate their real potential to achieve wonderful things for the company and for themselves. We also believe that work should be fun and something to be excited about on daily basis. We as a company do everything possible to make VelMicroSystems a really fun and productive place to work at. We encourage culturally rich, social, friendly, open and collaborative atmosphere at VelMicroSystems.

Why Join Us

  • We have a great working culture.
  • People at VEL Micro Systems are one of the smartest to work with.
  • We offer great perks for great performance.
  • We are not an ordinary IT company with constant eye on headcount. We are innovation -driven with long history in doing things differently.

If you have the drive to meet or exceed yours goals, possess the flexibility to reorient yourself to match business needs, are a fast learner, have excellent communication skills, demonstrate professionalism in everything you do and a team player, then yes, we want to talk to you. If you wish to be part of us kindly post your resume to


About Company

We at VEL Micro Systems are always ready to accept challenges and deliver with high precision of quality. We’re always excited to take any development task which can solve or provide solution to any of your business needs.

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